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  In many countries, sports and exercise classes are replaced with the

academic subjects.

  Discuss the effects of this trend.

  Model Answer:

  Over the past few decades, academic subjects have become increasingly

important in this fast-changing information-based society. Nowadays, there has

been a growing debate as to whether it would be more effective to replace

physical education classes with academic subjects. Despite the importance of

sports, I highly believe that it is inevitable and more efficient to focus more

on academic subjects for several reasons.

  Those who argue that sports and exercise classes are needed in school base

their case on the following arguments. First of all, sports are a good way to

build character and develop personality. That is, there are necessary for

learning about competition, cooperation, and good sportsmanship. In addition, as

a majority of children these days are addicted to the Internet, they find it

hard to leave their computer. Consequently, a growing number of children are

becoming overweight or obese due to a lack of exercise. So, if schools foster an

environment that deprives students of getting a proper physical education, it

will have a long-term negative effect on children both mentally and


  Nevertheless, people should not ignore the fact that devoting more time and

energy to academic subjects will benefit students more in the long run. The time

devoted to physical education now would be better spent teaching students

English. This is because speaking fluent English will give young people an

advantage over other college applicants and job seekers in the near future.

Besides, science will undoubtedly benefit youth more than physical education as

well. The principles learned in science will provide the necessary foundation

for solving and difficult problems that are sure to arise in students'


  In summary, there are high hopes that educators and parents exercise wisdom

in teaching young generations.


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